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Yuyi's Cosplay

October 18 at 07:40AM

With this video we wanted to show the hidden side of Yotsuyu who, although a cruel and sadistic sovereign of Domans, is depressive and lonely Character: Yotsuyu from Final Fantasy XIV Filmed for the contest at Japanese garden in Hasselt (Belgium) during the Chrysanthemum Festival Music: Faux Tales - Beacon (Copyright Free) Filmed by GyD You can also watch it on youtube: #CGCup5

Final Fantasy XIVYotsuyu

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Yuyi's Cosplay

@Eliot: Thank you <3 it would be so cool to reiterate the whole experience together :D

November 06 at 01:13PM

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Very beautiful video Yuyi! Congrats for Yves and you; I wish you all the luck!

October 18 at 06:44PM