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/Crusader Project/ [2/6] The costume was built in 1 year. Half of this time was spent in templating, testing and designing processes. "Are you ready? Here I come!" ---------- Photography: Allpo Dayo Lights: Kaicom Mechanic engineer: Libs Cosplay Reinhardt costume: Made by Libs Cosplay / Worn by Maverick Craft'N'Props Scenography: Nysen Cosplay / Chat Cosplay / Shenzi - Craft & Art Project assistant: Hybrian Theozyn Costume assistant: Matthieu Richard / DRAga cosplay Backstage: Kuma Cosplay Communication: Samus Cosplay / TL Prod Props: Takacosplay / Dounice Cosplay / Vali Chap / Kuma Cosplay / Nysen Cosplay / Shenzi - Craft & Art / Chat Cosplay / Samus Cosplay / TL Prod / Maverick Craft'N'Props With the participation of Nomel

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    Reinhardt(Waiting for approval)の作品
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