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Aokiji Cosplay

January 10 at 06:58PM

Aokiji/Kuzan 2 years later Cosplay
Hey guys, here is my Aokiji/Kuzan 2 years later cosplay! As Aokiji, I am very tall (205cm). You can also check my work on my social networks : - - #opcosplayking #Aokiji #Kuzan #Admiral #Cosplay

ONE PIECEAokiji (Kuzan)

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9 hours ago

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January 16 at 05:27AM

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Wakanda Thanaka

Ça gère! :D

January 14 at 07:47AM

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Tobias Schmelzer

Nice work Buddy!!

January 13 at 08:44AM

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Blanka Cosplay

Wonderful work!!!

January 12 at 07:33AM

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Ya Cine

Awsomee cosplay!!! Good job!

January 12 at 06:42AM

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Mounir Ben Rhouma

one of the best cosplayers I've ever met

January 12 at 06:30AM

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Wafik Aidet

A talented dude, passed a whole day with him and he is just amazing, his work is stunning !

January 12 at 06:17AM

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Cherifa Beji

One of the awesomest cosplayers and humans out there ! <3

January 12 at 06:14AM

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Myriam Serra

Great cosplay!

January 12 at 06:03AM

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Chuck Pliskin

Met him at a convention, he does such a great work !!

January 12 at 05:44AM

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Aymen Ladjabi

Great job !

January 12 at 03:08AM

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Imene Chettouh


January 12 at 02:55AM

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Pierre Fifi Spada


January 12 at 02:45AM

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Madani Amira

Great job dude

January 12 at 02:42AM

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Kuro Neko Chan

wonderful cosplayer. very detailed costumes. i love it

January 12 at 02:36AM

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Yanis Ahmim

Amazing work, a person with talent and sympathy

January 12 at 02:03AM

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Ole Sollie

Awesome cosplayer! :D

January 12 at 12:55AM

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Nanosh Akkou

Nailed it! Good luck mate ♥

January 11 at 10:54PM

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A person with a BIG talent omg

January 11 at 10:34PM

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Shane Carlucci


January 11 at 10:30PM

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Narimene Zohra Rechidi

amazing cosplay!

January 11 at 07:16PM

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Tifenn Gaillard

Great cosplay.

January 11 at 03:57PM

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Walid Mandi

Ah lala ...j'ai oublié de mettre un commentaire qui montre mon soutiens ace jeune homme plein de talents ...Ah lala...

January 11 at 10:30AM

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Laurent Mousseron

Un super Xerxes!

January 11 at 09:05AM

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Roger Mohr

Crossings fingers for you bro

January 11 at 08:40AM

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Justine Poulat

Bonne chance, c'est stylé

January 11 at 07:37AM

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Kévin Villert

C'est top ! Good luck ! :D

January 11 at 07:24AM

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C'est fait bro ! Bonne chance, de tout coeur avec toi <3

January 11 at 07:09AM

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Dorine Begin

Voilou ! Bonne chance !

January 11 at 05:05AM

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Quentin Andreo

Je croise les doigts pour toi l'ensemble est top ;)

January 11 at 04:57AM

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Estelle Sn

Bro tu dechires !!

January 11 at 04:45AM

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La classe!!!

January 11 at 04:37AM

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Karyu Shin

J’adore ce que tu fais frère ! Keep it up

January 11 at 04:30AM

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January 11 at 04:04AM

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Yassine Dridi

Great work ❤

January 11 at 03:36AM

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Mairelin Roque Riely


January 11 at 02:37AM

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Elisa Kotori

Amazing ❤

January 11 at 02:31AM

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THis is amazing!!!

January 11 at 01:56AM

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Nekolin Designs

Love it!!!!!

January 11 at 01:14AM

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Pau Curto

I love it!

January 11 at 01:13AM

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Valériane Benton


January 11 at 01:07AM

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Sofiane Mt


January 11 at 12:24AM

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Charaf Saidj

nice fam <3

January 11 at 12:23AM

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Billel Kenway

trop stylé bro

January 11 at 12:03AM

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Salem Cosplay

Yess ❤️

January 10 at 09:24PM

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Spiros Kakouris

Love it!!

January 10 at 08:42PM