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March 30 at 01:14PM

Charlotte Smoothie
Here is a side by side comparison! I created a 'recipe' showcasing how I made this costume so be sure to check it out! Fun fact, my legs are 107cm long so maybe I am a member of the Longleg tribe after all haha! #opcosplayking #charlottesmoothie #bigmompirates

ONE PIECECharlotte Smoothie

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Nico Hebe

so perfect !!

April 11 at 01:25PM

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Spade Avery

beautifully executed~!

March 31 at 09:23AM

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Cornell Shinobi Fulton

Nailed it!!!

March 31 at 12:47AM

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Jovanni Orosco


March 30 at 01:21PM