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Shingo Misaki

Dorayaki feast

Everyone have their unique ways of enjoying dorayaki~ xD Doraemon - Ayumi Dora-the-Kid - Xajin Jian Wang Dora - Cindy Dora-med III - Fara Nik Dora-nichov - Rayray El-Matadora - Belle Dora-rinho - Shingo Misaki Dorapin - Yuan Cross If you like what we doing, remember to share it to your friends~ and don’t forget to like and follow our page for more funny contents! Love you all~~ and thank you guys for loving what we do~ Check out more of us on

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    Shingo Misakiの作品
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    Dora-rinho(Waiting for approval)の作品
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    Doraemons(Waiting for approval)の作品
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